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We used to be called Volkshirts, and have been involved with the Australian VW Scene for over 20 years. Volkshirts designed and printed their own VW orientated T-Shirts, and had a huge range of VW related memorabilia. They were also the design people (until 2005) behind the famous Fast Fours Jamboree event held at Willowbank each year by Small Car Promotions. We are not a shop - just avid Volkswagen enthusiasts and memorabilia collectors. So the stuff here for sale, is what we have collected over the many years of attending VW Shows in Australia and around the world.

We have reproduced the Westfalia Roof Rack, and all the parts for them for split screen Kombi's. There will also be a collection of Pre-67 Kombi parts available in the near future

For a longtime, we have had an interest in Coca-Cola memorabilia, and Radioflyer wagons. There will also be a number of these items available soon as well.

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